Team Survivor
March Madness


Sign up for one or both of these exciting games and help fight cancer!

If you are supporting a particular Team Survivor member, there is a spot to indicate that on the signup form.

Team Survivor has setup TWO different games that coincide with March Madness. For each entry, a portion will go directly to the fundraising pot for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.Whatever is left after the LLS donation, is the prize winner’s pot. That’s right, you can win cash from playing these games!

The two games we have organized are Pick Your Brackets and Squares to Squash Cancer. Read below to find out the details for either of these games. You can play BOTH if you want! If you want to play, fill at this form and you will be sent further details. Please be sure to identify what Team Survivor member you want to support when you sign up. If you want to split it among the team, you can write that in as well.


Pick Your Brackets
– $10 per bracket and 3 brackets for $25 – Maximum of 10 brackets
– 50% of entry fees will be donated to LLS, the rest goes to the pot

1st place – 65% of pot
2nd place – 25% of pot
3rd place – 10% of pot

The game will be played on CBS Sports March Madness Bracket website using the standard rules. Tiebreaker will be the total score of the Championship game. You pick who you think will win each game during the tournament BEFORE the tournament starts. You get 1 pt. For each correct pick in the first round, 2 points in the second round, 4 points in the 3rd, 8 points in the fourth, 16 points in the fifth, and 32 points for the Championship.

Squares to Squash Cancer

–  $25 per square

This is just like the Super Bowl Squares game that many people play each year. The main difference is that the game runs the entire length of the tournament and there is a winner for EACH game. This means there are 63 chances to win. To play, you simple pay your money, pick a square (or squares), and then sit back and see if you win something for each of the 63 games being played. It is random so you don’t really have to worry about anything other than your luck.

A winner for each game is determined by looking at the FINAL score of that game. The winning team is across the top of the grid, and the losing team is on the side of the grid. Numbers will be randomly assigned before the start of the games. Based on the last digit of each team’s score, the winning square will be determined.  

Round 1: 32 games, $10 per correct game
Round 2: 16 games, $20 per correct game
Sweet 16: 8 games, $25 per correct game
Elite 8: 4 games, $50 per correct game
Final 4: 2 games, $100 per correct game
Championship: 1 game, $200 winner


If you are supporting a particular Team Survivor member, there is a spot to indicate that on the signup form.