Challenged Athletes Foundation has changed my life!

by Liv Leigh (October 19, 2016)

The Challenged Athletes Foundation has changed my life.

They have provided me with mobility both on my feet and on wheels. The foot that they donated to me years ago is capable of mimicking enough of a human foot that I am able to function in daily life AND be active and healthy. This foot is finally breaking down after years of use and I am currently battling through my third denial by insurance to get it replaced.

CAF recognized that I needed a good foot to live and just gave me one back then. You can trust that if insurance falls through again, I will be asking them to help me again.

3 years ago, they helped me buy the recumbent trike of my dreams. — something that I never could have afforded on my own. And I have covered many hundreds of blissful miles on that baby!

This weekend Patrick, my sister, and I give back. We are raising money for this incredible organization and riding spin bikes for 4.5 hours along with some unbelievable able-bodied and challenged athletes.

Mobility is not a luxury! It is a NECESSITY for mental, emotional, and physical well-being along with being a productive member of society. Help us provide more people with this necessity!

Follow the link to donate and/or find out more about CAF. It doesn’t have to be big. Be it a buck or a bunch, it makes a difference!


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